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it Friday Spotlight Harold Schneider: “If I can do it anybody can!”

It is November 22nd and it’s time to get excited for another Fit Friday! Today we are celebrating Harold Schneider and his wonderful dedication to his health and fitness! Harold has been with us since the very beginning and we are happy to showcase all the hard work he has put in!

At 89 years old Harold exercises to maintain the strength and flexibility that he currently possesses. He understands that if you don’t use your strength you will lose it so he does his best to keep active. There are no excuses to avoid your exercise; Harold says “If I can do it anybody can!”

His exercise routine consists of three days of exercise a week. On Mondays he participates in senior yoga class. Senior yoga consists of balance, stretching, and flexibility training. This class is a great way to improve range of motion and maintain independence. Tuesdays and Thursdays he takes part in Silver Sneakers Classic which is a low impact aerobics class using chairs, hand weights and exercise bands.

Harold has noticed a marked improvement in his strength and energy as a result of his training. The class routines that he participates in have gotten easier and he is able to push himself beyond his past capabilities!

Harold chose Fit for Life because of the Silver Sneakers program. He loves the group exercise aspect of the program. Exercising with a group helps motivate him to attend class every week and work his hardest!

We are very proud to have Harold as part of our Fit for Life family!

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