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Fit Friday Spotlight Diana Enright: A Perfect Fit for Fitness!

Happy Friday! Today’s Fit Friday will be focusing on Diana Enright and her life changing fitness transformation!

Diana’s motivation to exercise stems from a desire to achieve the body image that is best for her. Exercising allows her to manage her weight and provides her with personal time to take care of herself both physically and mentally! She has had multiple aha moments this past summer and she knew it was time to start something that would provide lasting results and establish a routine she could stick with. Diana foresees a few wedding in her near future and she wants to feel confident and not have to hide from the camera!

Diana is currently focusing on strength/weight training three times a week, with at least one of them being a one-on-one personal training session with Sheila. She says she needs the extra push that Sheila provides during training sessions to really get the most out of her exercise. Her cardio routine varies from week to week, but she mostly does cardio as a warm-up and cool-down or as a cardio burst  between lifting weights. She also enjoys her daily walks with her dogs no matter what the weather is outside! Diana just completed the 16-week Lifesteps Weight Management Program at Fit for Life to help break the yoyo dieting cycle she has been on throughout her adult life and find a way to live instead. This program along with working out has been very beneficial to improving her health and well-being!

Some of the differences she has seen in herself in the past 5 months include losing 20 pounds, increased muscle tone, and reduced her body fat composition. She has received quite a lot of compliments on her body transformation and she feels much better. Diana had visited three gyms and chose Fit for Life because it felt like the best “Fit” for her. She knew it was the right fit the moment she met Sheila. She also appreciated the honest pricing, the many options to attend group fitness classes, and the opportunity to receive personal training.

Five months into her membership and she is confident she made the right choice in gym, she loves the result she has seen from personal training and the Lifesteps Program. It has all worked great for her!

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