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Young Athletes

Sports Performance

Enhance Your Speed - Agility - Strength

The program was founded on the concept that we train to improve our effectiveness on the playing field, not necessarily in the gym. We aim to see improvements in the gym, but our goal is to be better at our specific sport. With this in mind, an athlete on the sidelines cannot help their team win, therefore, injury prevention and correct training habits take center stage. An overall commitment to greater athleticism drives each program. All programs will instill training fundamentals as well as teach the body to move with strength in the correct way. Sports Performance Training (SPT) will break down “can’t do” attitudes and get the athletes excited about improving their athleticism. There will be an improvement in every athlete. Programs are implemented by qualified and trained staff at Ignite Fitness Faribault.

Each Program Will Build:

  • Athleticism

  • Explosiveness/Strength

  • Core Strength/Stability/Balance

  • Agility/Speed

  • Injury Prevention

  • Endurance


Variations of the Sports Performance Training (SPT) program at Ignite Fitness are as follows:

  • Sports Performance Training

SPT at Ignite Fitness incorporates all of the before mentioned objectives into a program designed to meet your athletic goals. Programs are available as individual sessions, or by groups of 2 or more. Athletes will train 2-3 sessions per week for 30-60 minutes per session. This is the perfect program for the multi-sport athlete. This program is designed with the beginner to elite athlete in mind.

  • Foundations of Physical Development

This program is designed to set a standard for a young athlete’s physical development to be based upon. Many of the same exercises are used from the SPT program but with a higher emphasis on body mechanics. This is a great program for young athletes and athletes struggling with underdevelopment. Balancing of the body and teaching coordination with strength drives this program.

We cannot stress enough the importance of this program. Graduation to the SPT program as soon as possible is the goal of this program. The SPT program will be applied when the athlete is ready regardless of how many sessions are left. This is highly suggested for any athlete under the age of 15.

  • Sports Specific Training for the Elite Athlete

This program is designed for an athlete who has focused on one specific sport or area of improvement, therefore, requires 1:1 training. A personalized program is designed in 12 week periods. Athletes work directly with a trainer 2 or more days/week depending on the agreement. This program is for the highly committed athlete! Be ready to work!

Sports Performance Training Rates

Please contact Ignite Fitness directly at 507-333-5430 for more details about this program.

** 3-month student memberships are available**

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