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Fit Friday Spotlight Cory Jenson: Pride in Fitness

It is December 6th and it is time for the first Fit Friday of the month! Today we are highlighting Cory Jenson and his dedication to his fitness.

There are many motivations that Cory has to exercise.  Cory’s occupation doesn’t allow for much physical activity so Fit for Life gives him the opportunity to exercise and keep his body in shape! He also has 4 kids to keep up with so it is critical for Cory to keep fit and active! Cory also exercises to maintain his overall health. When he is consistent with his training he feels better mentally and physically. He experiences higher levels of energy, desires healthier foods, and drinks plenty of water! Exercise also allows him to deal with stress in more positive ways. Overall exercise has a compounding effect on Cory’s life and it improves him in many different ways.

Cory aims to train 4-5 days a week with one of those days consisting of training with his Personal Trainer Sam Prieve. He trains for 45-60 minutes which includes weight training, core exercises, and cardio. “I don’t always get to hit that mark but I don’t give up and keep trying to get there. Making it in the door is the hardest part because once I’m there, I enjoy it!”

One of the biggest changes Cory has noticed is his confidence. Exercise makes him feel better mentally and physically and through this his confidence has also increased! “I feel better about myself, I know I’m making healthy life choices which produce healthy results. When you do the right thing, you just feel better and more confident about yourself.” He has also built up his confidence by hitting the goals that he has set for himself.

Cory chose Fit for Life for its atmosphere and the people he sees at the gym. He has made good friends at Fit for Life and he never feels judged or out of place, he also enjoys the joking and friendly nature of the gym! “There are lots of people who genuinely care about others and the well being of them. It’s a facility that has enough for every one of all ages, body types and life styles.”

We love having Cory as part of our gym family and we are happy to share his story!

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