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Fit Friday Spotlight Dan Hunt: Committed to Cardio!

It is Friday November 15th and it’s time to get excited for a Fit Friday! Today we are highlighting Dan Hunt and his dedication to his health!

At the age of 61, Dan exercises because it makes him feel stronger and more energized, he loves cardio! He had some knee issues in the past and through exercise he has noticed the knee pain has just about disappeared since he started exercising. Dan also says “as my metabolism slows down exercise helps me keep my weight down.” Dan has discovered many ways that exercise helps him and we are excited to see new ways that Dan can keep improving!

His routine consists of 3 cardio exercises a week. Each hour long session consists of 18 minutes on the recumbent bike, 18 minutes on the elliptical, 18 minutes on the treadmill, and 6 minutes on the stair stepper. All of this cardio is great for the heart and burning fat! Dan has noticed that an increase in his overall energy levels. Dan has an easier time making it through his work days due to his increased stamina. When he finishes his cardio exercises he feels great! The endorphins released from exercise are great mood boosters!

Dan chose Fit for Life because of the helpful and friendly atmosphere, he has no trouble fitting in and feeling comfortable when he comes and exercises! We admire Dan’s commitment to his training and we look forward to the progress he will make in the future!

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