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Fit Friday Spotlight Sue Burkhartzmeyer: Doing the Work to Age Strong

Sue stays physically active for many reasons, one including the fact that she has constantly been part of a gym since she was 18 years old! Sue is self-motivated and she works out to maintain balance in her life. Exercise helps relieve her stress, it’s energizing, it keeps her weight in check, and she leaves feeling good mentally. Maintaining bone density is also one of Sue’s goals in exercise. Strength training can help ensure that your body will be able to handle the everyday activities of life. In Sue’s case, this would include playing with grandchildren! Her training assures her that she will have no difficulty playing along. Sue says “I want and am willing to do the work to age strong in body and mind. I am motivated and love being an active participant of life!” We love that quote!

Sue’s current exercise routine includes strength training with both weights and machines three times a week for about 30-40 minutes. She also includes aerobic training on the treadmill and the elliptical machines.  Her total workout usually looks like 1 hour and 15 minutes of both aerobic and strength training. That is a great routine!

Following her training, she has identified multiple differences in herself from her workouts. She has noticed a marked improvement in her strength and her agility. She has also shown that she can now play on the floor with her grandchild and not have to worry about difficulty getting up off the floor. Her flexibility is fantastic and she feels no pain in her body, these are great benefits of exercise!

Sue says she chose Fit for Life Because “Sheila Rolling runs a well-oiled machine, it is one facility that is inviting, clean and all of the machines are working well.” One of her favorite aspects of Fit for Life is how inviting it is. There are people of all different ages and nobody should feel like they don’t belong here!

Sue loves the variety of classes offered at Fit for Life, she took part in the Lifesteps class and it taught her a lot about nutrition and it helped her formulate an effective eating plan. All of us here at Fit for Life are proud of all that Sue has accomplished! Way to go!

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