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Fit Friday Spotlight Nichole Louis : Busy Wife & Mom Loves to Stay Fit

Happy Fit for Life Fit Friday! Today we’d like to share about our member Nichole Louis. Nichole has been a dedicated member of Fit for Life since 2007.

When asked why she works out, Nichole responds, “To stay fit and set a good example to my kids how it’s important to be active all through life. I have arthritis and bone spurs in both knees. Although I can no longer run, it’s important to keep my body moving.”

Nichole notices she has more energy and is always in a better mood after she works out. She states, I can always carry the kegs when I’m bartending at work”. It’s always fun to prove someone wrong when they think you can’t lift something.”

In 2016, Nichole and her family vacationed in South Lake Tahoe. Instead of paying the $220 to ride the gondola to the top of Heavenly, they hiked up the ski runs to get to the top. She reports they went from 7000 ft. to 9000 ft. It took 2 ½ hours and was a great view and a great accomplishment!

Nichole’s current workout schedule includes attending 3 classes per week at Fit for Life. She reports, “I love the classes because I can easily modify the moves to what my knees can handle”. Nichole also walks her dog 3-6 miles every day.

She chooses Fit for Life as her workout facility because, “I enjoy the trainers, the people, and the environment. Everyone is so encouraging, upbeat and friendly. I wish DeDe could bottle her energy and sell it”!

Keep up the good work Nichole! Your commitment to exercise is inspiring!

Sheila Rolling, Corey Pedri, and DeDe Bluhm-Howie

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