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Fit Friday Spotlight Joyce Schneider: Inspiring All Walks of Life

It is October 25th and it’s time for another Fit Friday! Today we are highlighting our member Joyce Schneider!

Joyce has multiple motivations to exercise; she says “At 80 years old, I need all of the help I can get.”  Joyce has experienced balance issues and some falls in the past 10 years and her training is helping to combat these issues. She has also been training to prepare for some mountain hiking! She aims not only to inspire those her age but also her children, what a great goal!

Joyce participates in two senior citizen group training sessions and two half hour person al training sessions with her trainer DeDe. If the weather and her schedule permit she also likes to walk to and from each training session which totals about 20 minutes of walking! This is a great training plan!

Over the course of her training she has noticed some great changes. Her strength has increased over the last 5 years thanks to her training. After her 3 months of additional personal training she has seen an even greater increase in her strength and she says “my balance has improved beyond all expectations!” People have also been telling her that she looks much happier.

Joyce chose Fit for Life because it is friendly, pleasant, and the equipment is very nice. She also says “the trainers are excellent and they have our welfare as their top priority.” She says that the atmosphere in general is very friendly and it makes it much easier to come and exercise.

All of us here at Fit for Life are proud of what Joyce has accomplished! Way to Go!

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