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Fit Friday Spotlight Jordyn Stadler: Hooked on Exercise

Happy November 1st! Today our Fit Friday focus is on Jordyn Stadler!

Jordyn is 17 years old and she has many different reasons to exercise. Stress is something that occurs in all of our lives and Jordyn has found a great way to cope with the stress she encounters in life and it’s through exercise! Exercise is a beneficial and wonderful way to reduce the stress that builds up in our day to day lives. She also loves the feeling that exercise provides, endorphins are a wonderful thing! Jordyn says “I have become addicted to exercise and the feeling it gives me!”

Jordyn’s typical exercise includes a lot of cardio exercise followed by a multitude of body weight exercises and some machine exercises. She tries to run or jog about a mile every day and then she likes to utilize the spinner bike, the stair stepper, and the machines. She can tell that exercising consistently helps her feel happier and it encourages her to eat healthier as well. It’s very important to give your body the right fuel for exercise!

She chooses Fit for Life as her exercise facility because everyone is very welcoming and inviting. She also likes how the gym is organized so the equipment is not overwhelming. Jordyn also likes the size of the gym and how she doesn’t need to worry about not being able to use the equipment she is looking for.

We would like to thank Jordyn for her kind words and we admire her hard work!

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