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Fit Friday Spotlight Deb Kasper: Improving Emotional Health Through Exercise

It’s October 11th, 2019 and it’s time for another Fit for Life Fit Friday! Today we are here to commend one of our members, Deb Kasper, on her hard work and positive attitude toward fitness!

Deb enjoys the physiological benefits of fitness, especially the endorphins! She loves finishing a tough workout and feeling the emotional boost accompanied by such activities. Exercise is great for managing emotional health as well as physical health! Deb first got started through the life steps class, she knew it was time to get active and this class was a great place to start.

Her current routine involves exercising two to three times a week. One of these days includes an exercise session her trainer Sheila which focuses on building strength. Deb also likes to participate in group classes, what a great way to meet new people and get more out of your exercise!

Deb has seen both physical and emotional improvements from her training. She says “my body shape is changing and I look fabulous in my clothes”.  She has also noticed that her moods are more positive and consistent. It’s wonderful to see such positive growth from training!

Sadly Deb had lost her mother in November of 2016 and she determined that it was time to focus on her health. It was through this motivation that the found Fit for Life and the program Life Steps. By setting health goals she was able to be more accountable to herself and to Sheila.

All of us here at Fit for Life would like to congratulate Deb Kasper on her hard work! #FFLFitFriday

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