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Fit Friday Spotlight Caitlin Dickey: Receives Benefit from Group Training

Happy Fit for Life Fit Friday!  Today we proudly recognize our member Caitlin Dickey. Caitlin has been a member of Fit for Life since 2013.  Caitlin states that she works out, “because it makes me feel great physically and mentally and it’s a great way to relieve stress”.

Caitlin has lost 57 pounds over the last year through a combination of healthy eating and exercise. That is AMAZING!!

Her workouts consist of 2-person group training with DeDe 2 times per week and doing cardio on her own 2-3 times per week.  When asked why she chose personal training as a workout option, she said, “I chose personal training at a time when I needed something to force me to get to the gym more often. Over time, it became something I wanted and needed to keep doing!  I love group training because we encourage each other.  It’s rare that both of us are 100%, so there is someone there to encourage you keep going who is also going through the same workout.” Caitlin stays consistent with her workout routine which has helped create her amazing results!

For Caitlin, the benefits of working out are endless, but what tops the list is having more endurance with daily activities and, she comments, “everything in general is just easier to do physically”.

Caitlin chooses Fit for Life as her workout facility because, “I love the people and the workouts. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging”!

Way to go Caitlin! We are honored to be part of your health journey!

Sheila Rolling, Corey Pedri, and DeDe Bluhm-Howie

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