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Fit Friday Spotlight Ardys Johnson: Traveling the World Fit and Strong

It’s November 7th and its time for a Fit Friday! Today we are highlighting Ardys Johnson and her accomplishments!

Ardys’s main goal of her training is to stay active through her current stage of life and beyond. Exercise is a very important factor in maintaining our ability to stay active as we age through life. Her motivation comes from energetic grand kids and her love of travel. With 8 grandchildren to look after, Ardys needs all the energy she can get! Ardys and her husband also love to travel and staying fit ensures that she will get the most of her experiences traveling.

Her training routine consists of 3-4 days of exercise a week. She particularly enjoys the senior cardio class and the yoga classes that DeDe teaches. Ardys also takes part in a circuit training class that challenges her and motivates her to work at higher intensities. If she can’t make it to any classes she follows a routine put together by Fit for Life that consists of machine exercises to build strength and keep her body strong! With this exercise routine, Ardys is sure to keep fit and active for a long time to come!

When asked what she has noticed differently about herself she said “I feel my stamina and balance have definitely improved.” Her training has led her to try new exercises she never thought she would be trying without a trainers guidance and support. This is a great example of growth in a training program! Never doubt your abilities as an athlete. Even if you are just starting your program, don’t underestimate the progress you can make!

Ardys chose Fit for Life as her workout facility because of the positive support and encouragement she received from the staff. She says “Everyone is encouraged to work at their level and praised for it.” Ardys also likes the additional classes that Fit for Life offers. She participated in the Lifesteps class and the nutritional information helped her focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. Fit for Life offers health training in all areas, not only exercise, and we are proud of all the ways Ardys has improved her health!

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