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My name is Sheila Rolling. I received my Masters of Arts Degree in Exercise Science from Mankato State University in 1995. I am the owner of Fit for Life, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and co-founder of Simple Strategies The Un-Diet Movement, an online nutrition coaching program designed to help people keep nutrition simple and experience a different way of thinking about food.

I live in Faribault, MN. I have three grown children and they are the center of our world.  My desire is to role model healthy, fit and active not only for my family, but for all my clients as well. 

For over three decades I've passionately helped hundreds of clients of all ages find success in achieving their health and wellness goals. Whether the goal is to become more physically fit, to lose weight, or to improve self-confidence, I have followed many through their journey.

I am ready to help you too! I will build your energy and your confidence to help you get the results you want!

Why A Faribault Fitness Center?

It was always a dream of mine to start a fitness center. My decision in following my dream came after exploring many options.


Why Faribault? Because I have touched the lives of many people in Faribault and the surrounding area and have built relationships that go beyond building a place for people to exercise. I have helped them get back on their feet, feel better about themselves and believe they are worthy of amazing results. It only made sense for me to stay in Faribault.


I followed my dream and in April 2006, we opened the doors of Fit for Life by Sheila Rolling, LLC and have been positively impacting people's lives ever since.


Professional Caring Service

The key question to ask yourself is, “what can Fit for Life provide that other fitness centers don’t”?


The answer is simple … professional, caring service. And with the way today’s fitness industry is changing, that’s hard to find. We provide an atmosphere that’s friendly, fun, clean and family-oriented.


Having 3 children of my own, I know how important it is to include the whole family and we have every intention of doing that at Fit for Life.


Come and join our Fit for Life team …

We will help you achieve all your health and fitness goals!

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