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Fit Friday Spotlight Tim Braun: Therapy Through Exercise

Welcome to the New Year! Our first Fit Friday of the year will be highlighting Tim Braun and his fitness!

Tim exercises to improve his overall strength and keep his body in healthy and strong! Tim also exercises to reduce his stress levels and to increase his confidence.

Exercise helps keep Tim’s mind at ease and it keeps his mood in a positive state. Being consistent with your physical activity and exercise are great ways to improve mental health and boost confidence levels!

Tim’s training schedule consists of 5 days a week of strength training. He tries to focus on different muscle group each time he trains at Fit for Life.

By targeting specific muscle groups he can ensure that each area is getting the proper workout. He has noticed that when he is fit and active his patience is improved and he feels better in general.

Tim has been a member at Fit for Life since high school. He is happy with all the changes and improvements that the gym has gone through over the years.

We look forward to seeing the progress that Tim will continue to make here at Fit for Life!

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