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Fit Friday Spotlight Sue Cha Schons: Fighting the Odds

It’s Friday again and it’s time to jump into another Fit Friday! Sue Cha Schons is our athlete of the day and we are excited to show off everything she has done!

Sue has dealt with osteoarthritis, carpel tunnel, and arthritis in her back and feet; she had decided that it was time to try exercise. She was hoping that by beginning an exercise routine she would see some improvements in her mobility and a reduction of the pain from the osteoarthritis. She was completely right! Sadly many of her family members did not live past the age of 72 but Sue has made it to 75 and she’s only getting started! Her dedication to her training has helped her tremendously in keeping her body healthy and fit!

Her current exercise routine is quite impressive! It starts with walking on the treadmill for thirty minutes three times a week. She also strength trains on her own for one hour a day 5 days a week. All of that time adds up and she has seen some great benefits from her training. The improvement that makes her the happiest is the reduction of her back pain. She feels much better and free to do more things that she couldn’t do before. Sue used to undergo acupuncture to treat her back but in the past 2 years she has not needed to continue acupuncture or chiropractic care  because of the improvements she has made!

She chose Fit for Life because it is clean and well organized. It also has all of the machines she needs to get the proper workout. Sue really appreciates the friendly staff and all of the kind members who attend Fit for Life. She says “I’ve met a lot of people here and I really like it here!”

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