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Fit Friday Spotlight Kim Schmidt: Multidimensional Health

It is February 21st so let’s highlight another Fit Friday athlete! Today we will be focusing on Kim Schmidt and her dedication to exercise!

Kim exercises to improve her mental and physical health. She wants to stay physically strong so she can continue to do the things she loves which includes; playing with her grandchildren, downhill skiing, and water skiing. Exercise helps her stay mentally healthy as well. It helps her manage the stresses she experiences throughout her daily life and helps her think critically and clearly. Kim currently attends a strength and cardio class two times a week and trains with her personal trainer Sheila once a week. She also enjoys walking several times a week.

Kim has noticed some wonderful changes since starting her training. She has noticed a great improvement in her energy levels which helps with her goal of keeping up with her grandkids! Exercise also has helped her sleep better and sharpen her mental clarity.

Kim was drawn to Fit for Life because of the plethora of classes that are offered, the upbeat atmosphere, high-quality equipment, and the wide age range of the individuals using the gym.

She loves the classes, instructors, and trainers at the gym. “Not only does Fit for life help with physical strength, but the Simple Strategies programs, journal, and Facebook membership provides support for healthy eating and mindset coaching.”   She is happy to a part of our gym family and we love having her here!

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