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Fit Friday Spotlight Jay Heselton: Chasing Personal Records

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are highlighting Jay Heselton and his outstanding fitness progress!

Jay is 26 years old and weight lifting is one of his favorite things to do. Jay has always enjoyed pushing himself and finding out just how far he can go. Exercise is one major way that he pushes himself. He loves chasing the high of hitting a new PR. His routine usually consists of back and biceps one day followed by chest and triceps then legs and shoulders to follow it all up! He also recently started a program with our personal trainer Sam to push himself and gain additional muscle mass.

He has noticed multiple positive changes since he has started his training. The biggest change he has noticed is his weight. When he started training he was 115 lbs with about 6% body fat. Now he is sitting around 150 lbs with about 9% body fat. That is some very impressive progress and he is still looking to go even further beyond!

Jay chose Fit for Life as his exercise facility because of the easy going and welcoming atmosphere. He also likes that the gym offers on-staff trainers and classes which are great! He says “the staff is always very encouraging, they always want the best for their members.”

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