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Fit Friday Spotlight Dave Nagel: Breaking Through Limits

Today is Friday March 13th and we have a new Fit Friday! We will be highlighting Dave Nagel and his dedication to his training and overall health.

Dave works out because he loves the physical and mental feeling of pushing past his limits and breaking his muscle down to the point of exhaustion. Dave gained a training partner when his son began High School and began training for various different sports. They worked hard in their training pushing them to be their best. Now Dave currently coaches youth sports in town and helps with some of the local High School football players training and nutrition. Dave feels that when you coach young athletes you should set a good example and he does this through keeping up with his own training regimen. “I also like to be able to still compete on the court and weight room with the High School athletes.” Dave’s training at Fit for Life allows him to maintain his functional athletic skill and build his muscular physique.

Dave tries to hit the gym about 4 days a week. On Mondays and Fridays he trains upper body and abs, Wednesdays he trains a mix of upper body and legs along with cardio. His one weekend training day is dedicated to training lower body and cardio. He is trying implement more cardio into his workouts overall.

Dave has noticed that he overall feels better about himself and has slept better at night since beginning his training. He has multiple bulging disks in his neck and ever since he started his workout program he rarely has to deal with setbacks from the injury. When he does encounter a setback he recovers much quicker.

When it comes to why he chooses Fit for Life it comes down to the atmosphere. When Dave goes to the gym his first mission is to get to work. He enjoys having short conversations with fellow members about resent sporting events during his rest periods and then getting right back into the next set. He likes that the gym is not overcrowded to the point that he can’t use the equipment he needs but there enough people to keep him motivated to push himself. Dave says “seeing somebody pushing themselves helps my drive.”

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