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Fit Friday Spotlight Christi Reineke: Fit, Active, and Healthy

Let’s jump right into a new Fit for Life Fit Friday! It’s January 10th and today we are highlighting Christi Reineke and her motivations to exercise!

Her main reason to exercise to keep her body fit, active and healthy. An added bonus is that she gets to work out and socialize with her friends. When she exercises with her friends they help motivate and support each other which makes for a great exercise session! Christi’s current training routine consists of personal training with her trainer DeDe for a half hour two times a week. She also participates in Bounce class lead by Kati. Christi really enjoys this class!

Christi has noticed many positive changes in herself after starting her workout routine. It has helped her lose weight, tone her muscles, increase her energy level and reduce her stress level. These are some great benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle! Her husband and sons have also noticed the positive changes she has made!

Christi initially started attending Fit for Life three years ago for the Lifesteps Weight Management course. Her instructor Sheila Rolling taught her the importance of proper nutrition and exercise. She has met a lot of wonderful people here at Fit for Life. She says “Everyone, including the helpful and awesome staff, is very welcoming and supportive.” She also likes how Fit for Life offers a variety of programs and classes. There is truly something for everyone! Some of the classes she enjoys going to are Katie’s Step class, Kelly’s Core class, and Power 45 class lead by Corey.

Christi has made tremendous progress and we are thankful for all she brings to the gym!

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