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Fit Friday Spotlight Cheryl Freund: Exercising to Enhance Quality of Life

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

It’s Friday March 6th and it’s time for a great Fit Friday! Today we are putting the spotlight on Cheryl Freund and her awesome fitness story.

Cheryl’s main goal through fitness is to be mentally and physically fit. After 40 years in the workforce, she is now retired and focused on her quality of life. Like many people her age, she wants to travel, study, renovate, recreate, and spend time with family and friends. She needs a healthy body and mind to do those things. She says “I don’t want to end up in a nursing home.” Her mother is 94 years old and still living on the family farm; she wants to emulate that success.

Her workout routine starts with two days of treadmill cardio every week. Sheila works with her as a personal trainer two days a week to tone and strengthen her core strength. Cheryl is also very active at home, climbing stairs numerous times a day, scrubbing floors on her hands and knees, and walking the “back forty” with her husband, Benet, and grandson, Isaac.

Cheryl has noticed she has a lot more energy! She also sleeps much better. Cheryl used to wake up several times during the night. She had thought she had sleep apnea, which is complicated by overweight and lack of exercise. Now that she has attended Fit for Life, she enjoys a more restful sleep. She says “My clothes fit better because I’ve lost weight and I have a more positive attitude.”

Cheryl values the variety of programs offered at Fit for Life. She enrolled in the Lifesteps weight management course, which helped her monitor her food choices and habits of mind. She enrolled in the maintenance program to help her stay accountable. She also signed up for Dede’s circuit training class. If she ever gets bored with the treadmill, she can enroll in numerous group classes, such as Silver Sneakers yoga. “Mostly, I enjoy the expert staff and camaraderie among fellow gym members.”

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