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Fit Friday Spotlight Breonna Helgeson: Finding Her Cure for Stress

Happy Friday! Today we are putting the spotlight on Breonna Helgeson and the improvements she has made in her training!

Breonna exercises mainly to relieve stress. She says she has a tendency to bottle up a lot of her stress and she tends to worry about little things. Exercise is a great outlet for her to release those stresses and little worries and it leaves her feeling much happier and confident! Breonna also exercises to improve her overall strength and work towards being a healthier person overall.

Her training includes three days of full body weight training. She also walks her dog a few miles every day as long as the weather permits. She has been focusing on adding more cardio into her workouts. She finds that cardio is the hardest for her to do but she is pushing herself and improving her cardio!

Some of the biggest changes she has noticed in herself are mental improvements. She is much happier when she is consistent with her training. She has noticed her stress levels decrease and her confidence has gone up a lot! Breonna has also noticed that she has gotten physically stronger; she can lift objects that used to be heavy to her but are now easy to lift! She has seen muscle growth which encourages her to exercise even more!

Breonna initially found out about Fit for Life from a friend and she ended up choosing fit for life for the welcoming community that surrounds it. She has never felt out of place or judged at fit for life and she gets along great with both the staff and members, which is very important to her. Gyms used to be very intimidating for her but Fit for Life has eased her fears and she enjoys exercising!

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