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Lifesteps® Is for People Who:

  • Are ready to change behaviors that prevent weight loss.

  • Realize that weight loss means a slimmer version of you – not a whole new body.

  • Know that you didn’t put weight on overnight and you won’t lose it in a few days.

  • Want to know how to successfully deal with setbacks.


Like No Other Weight Loss Program

Lifesteps recognizes that people are unique with different eating and exercise habits, weight loss goals, and daily schedules. Therefore, when you participate in Lifesteps you tailor the program steps to fit your own needs.

Lifesteps Uses Proven Techniques

We combine proven behavior change techniques with eating and exercise plans that you design yourself. Because you design them yourself, they fit you, you can live with them, and best of all, THEY WILL WORK!

You Are Not Alone

Changing habits isn’t easy, so Lifesteps gives you lots of help. Other people will be working to make changes along with you. You’ll learn a great deal from their trials and successes.

Trained health professionals conduct the sessions and show you proven weight management techniques. Your personal Lifesteps notebook contains hundreds of ideas for making new eating and exercise habits part of your daily life. Techniques, handouts, and activities provided in weekly group sessions show you how you can enjoy the foods you love, achieve the weight you want, and maintain a level of exercise that’s right for you.

Lifesteps Weight Management could be the last weight management program you’ll ever need because it can help you solve the problems that make managing weight so difficult.

Time is a small investment when the returns are good health and good eating habits for the rest of your life!

Lifesteps Advantages

  • No Special Diet… You eat foods you enjoy… the same foods your family eats.

  • No Marathon Exercises… You choose activities that fit your schedule and fitness level.

  • No Discouraging Words… You learn how to ask for and get the support you need from family, friends, and co-workers.

  • A Safety Net… You learn strategies to help you manage your personal risk situations.


Take Your First Step

Enroll in the Lifesteps Weight Management Program by calling (507) 330-3996 today.

Lifesteps Program Fees

Lifesteps is a 16 – Week Program and includes all materials.

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